Are we having an impact on the companies were avoiding?Pa

Do you wonder if we’re making an impact on the stores and network’s we’re avoiding? We’ve been supporting Paula wholeheartedly over the last month.  Many of us are wondering if we’re making an impact.

I believe we are.  🙂

1). It’s possible that Walmart is buying out Paula Deen merchandise from other retailers so that they can still make money off of Paula Deen merchandise without purchasing it from Paula. We believe that this means that they are trying very hard to get us as Paula Deen fan’s back as customers.

2) The Food Network seems to be softening as well. Instead of removing all traces of Paula Deen and her family from the network, they’ve continued to show episodes of Jaime and Bobby’s shows. They’ve even shown episodes of Bobby’s shows where Paula is a guest. Also Bobby is going to be on one of the network’s most popular shows, Iron Chef.

3). Another good indicator that we are having an impact is that a food network source has told that Paula would be back in two years if not before that.

The purpose of us avoiding the stores that have dropped Paula is to create a demand for Paula’s merchandise. It’s not our intention to hurt these companies because markets fluctuate all the time. Our goal is to show with our actions that Paula products are profitable investments.


Thanks to Joyce at We support Paula Deen for her insight on this