Store listing

Here are some store options for you.  I can add to this list as needed.  Each store is listed, as well as a link to the stores ad.

Always be sure to review the store policy. It should be  located close to where the deals are listed. I”ll be adding store policy’s soon.  You can also ask for a copy from your local store.

Please review my coupon usage guidelines before using coupons.

*Not all Golden Grocers locations carry Paula Deen Foods*

Golden Grocers


Bi Lo

Carrs / Safeway  

City Market


Foods Co




Harris Teeter




Jay C

King Soopers


Pay Less 




Ruler Foods (no ad)



Top’s Friendly Market’s  


Winn Dixie



28 thoughts on “Store listing

  1. I like Paul’s deen and she ain’t the only one that ever made a mistake,quite judging folks that is gods job

  2. I thought I read that Kroger dropped Paula’s line. And if so, since Kroger just bought Harris Teeter, doesn’t that mean they’d both stop? Hope not! Our new Harris Teeter opens this week – can’t wait!

  3. Hang in their Paula. With God all things are possible. Believing that God will take what man ment for harm and turn it around for His glory. We LOVE you ❤

    • I’ve been hearing that some Kroger’s are carrying Paula Deen Foods. Kroger is on the fence, they have not made a final decision about restocking Paula Deen products. The stores in bold on the top are our Golden Grocers, they are the stores that have agreed to restock Paula Deen products. 🙂

  4. don’t understand why folks think because you say some thing wrong. once your awful. How many black people can whites names and no one says anything. Well when u said the word, it was another think food network time … why complaint now. I think u are awesome and think food network is crazy for dropping u…..and I love butter.

  5. work on getting save-a-lot stores that is where I do most of my shopping and I won’t use anything but butter you know what is in the butter, but do you actually know the ingredients that is in margarine

  6. I noticed that Food City is not on your list of stores carrying Paula Deen’s products. I do know that as of just two days ago, the Food City where I live had a fresh stack of her magazines on their shelves. I know this for a fact because I had bought one from there just two days before and there was only one left. As for any other products, I don’t think they carry any others but I have suggested it to the local manager as well as on KVAT foods Facebook. Just FYI.

    • Thank you Stacey. I’m adding Food City to the List. The list on the site is preliminary as I hear of more store, I will add them. 🙂

  7. Paula, Love you and I am with you all the way. Keep up the faith and things will open-up for you. You are one great Lady.

    • The one’s in bold are Golden Grocers, they sell Paula Deen Food Products, the one’s below are stores that are on the fence. 🙂

      Here is the list of stores that have dropped Paula
      Food Network
      Balantine Books
      Home Depot

      • smithfield omg no way, I thought they loved paula. walmart just lost alot!!! all the more reason to drop them. what a man soweth so shall he reap!!! oh ya i’m having ham dinner this week smithfield. be sure not one of yours. none of your bacon or any other of your products aether.

      • Rachel, Walmart’s stance since this started has been that they are phasing out Paula Deen products. Please continue to ask your local stores to carry Paula Deen products. Thanks for supporting Paula!

  8. Love ya Paula Deen We are behind you 100% stores that drop you drop me stores that keep you keep me Hang in there Scott

  9. You added Kroger to your Golden list, however, there are 2 Kroger stores that I visited and called, they DO NOT carry Paula Deen products. One of the stores stated
    they “do not know when or if they will get some”. I live in Padadena,Tx.

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