Menu Plan Monday

Here is a look at my healthy menu plan for this week.

Next week, I’ll work on getting a couple healthy recipes together.



Greek Yogurt  +  cereal x3

Eggs (1) +  Whole Wheat Toast (1) X3



Progresso Light Frozen Fruit X4

Lean Pocket  Frozen Fruit X2



Frozen Veggies  and Veggies from a Garden

Apple Chicken Sausage  + Rice X2

Whole Grain Pasta and Sauce X 2

Roast Chicken +  Rice X2



Frozen Veg

Greek Yogurt


Drink 8 cups of water of day. I add crystal light.


Weekly Weight Loss Challenge

I’m starting a weight loss challenge. I’d love for you to join me.


My weight today is 217. I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time.  I’ve been as low as  123 about in  the year I got married. I’d love to be that weight again this time next year.


In the past I’ve had a tendency to let myself get stressed or upset and turn to food. I’ve always known that it was a choice I was making. I guess let myself be overwhelmed and  discouraged instead of doing something about it.


I’ve decided make some changes. Healthy food is always in the house, I just eat too much of it or I buy other unhealthy foods when I go out.


I thought it would be an interesting challenge to stick to my current $80-$90/week budget and use the exercise machines and videos that I already have and make a goal to loose 8-12 pounds in a month.  When I get on a diet plan and stick to it in the past I’ve lost a little more in the first month than I do normally.  Many times you will loose an extra few pounds in water weight. After the first month my goal is to loose 8-10 pounds  a month.


For workout’s I have a number of  DVD’s and a few workout machines.  I do Zumba in the mornings or afternoons, and I use my treadmill in the evenings.  In a couple weeks I’m considering adding a short 20 minute Jillian Michaels DVD into my workout schedule during the afternoons and do Zumba in the mornings.


Here is some workout DVD”s and workout equipment I’ll be using.

Zumba Exhilerate  $60

Jillian Michaels DVD’s –  collected over time $7-$10

Treadmill – was given to me

Total Gym – we’ve had for years

Elliptical – mother’s day present one year

Ski Machine – got on craigslist

 MP3 player  –  helps pass the time for me on the treadmill


Consider the price of a gym membership that you pay every month. I don’t have a membership, but I know that they can get very expensive sometimes.

Another idea is to consider any workout equipment you currently have. I know that we’ve had the Total Gym for years and I never used it. I’ve listed the prices of some of my favorite workout dvd’s on Amazon.

These are just some of my favorite workout DVD’s.  I’ve been a fan of Jillian for a long time and Zumba is a lot of fun for me. What are your favorite workout DVD’s?

I’ll try to post my weekly menu plan later today.

Please share your weight loss goals as well.  🙂  I look forward to get healthier with all of you.